Payday loans with no employment verification

Are you looking for a loan but are currently unemployed? Unemployment may not be as big an issue as you may think. People are losing their jobs on a daily basis. Being unemployed doesn’t mean you’re ousted from society for good. In most cases unemployment is just a temporary state unless someone wants to turn it into a career 🙂 Many banks will reject your loan application based on the single fact that you currently don’t have an occupation. If you apply for an online payday loan from a direct lender, you stand a pretty good chance of getting one, regardless of your employment status.

1500 Online Loans .com provides a large platform of lenders who welcome the unemployed. The network specializes in bad credit loans for the unemployed. As long as you have a steady monthly income of at least $850, you qualify for a payday loan up to $850. The higher your unemployment benefits the more money you can borrow. The maximum amount of payday lending is limited by the government to 1500 dollars.

A payday loan application process is user-friendly, taking hardly an hour to complete. Once you have been approved for a loan, you receive a direct money deposit into your bank account. You don’t have to have a checking account as some people may think. All application go through an instant decision process, which means that you can receive cash advance very quickly, usually on the same day of your application. That of course depends on the time of the day you apply. If you apply early into the day, your application should be approved really fast.

The payday lenders we introduce don’t verify your employment but care about your income. They lend money based on the promise that you repay  payday loans on the previously agreed-upon date. If you happen to have a bad credit, it shouldn’t be a problem either unless you are blacklisted in payday database. Payday lenders don’t run the traditional Teletrack but it may very from lender to lender.