Bad credit personal loans with monthly payments


Getting a loan is a headache, especially at the time when you’re pressed to the wall by a financial crisis. It’s actually not that bad if you have a perfect credit score, because you can enjoy low interest loans and your business is more than welcome by most of banks. Of course, you’re not such a great customer. After all, banks make most of their profits off people with bad credit score. That is because bad credit loans are more expensive, which means that bank benefit a lot from customers with bad credit record. They can impose their own terms and conditions without giving you an opportunity to negotiate. It’s either take it or leave it.

Felexible loans

Online lenders offer you much more flexibility when it comes to bad credit loans. You can negotiate the terms and conditions and chose a monthly payment plan. Personal loans online are delivered very quickly. It takes usually about an hour to be approved and receive money deposited in your account.

No credit check

Our network doesn’t conduct a typical credit check.
If your credit score is horrible you can still get a loan, but surely you will have to pay more in fees. The lender takes a considerable amount of risk, for which he or she wants to be compensated.
A personal loan with monthly payments is more expensive however than a payday loan. When you decide to repay the loan in a single payment, all you have to pay for the service to the lender is his/her standard fee. If you opt for monthly payments, that fee is multiplied by the number of months. that can make the loan much more expensive, but you can always negotiate that with the lender.

Seurity and privacy guaranteed

When you apply for a loan, your application is run on a secure server where it is processed by different lenders who are part of our network. They see a potential in your application and start to compete for you. It’s more like an auction. Many lenders bid their offers, hoping that they present the lowest fees and interest in the end. The lowest offer, which is the best deal for you, lands on your desk.