Bad Credit Military Personal Loans

Having bad credit is a serious problem for anyone who wants to take out a loan. Most financial institutions run away from people with bad credit, rejecting their applications of hand without giving them a serious thought. Even a good job and decent income is not going to help much. Lenders are afraid of bad credit because of the statistics. Many people with a bad credit record run into default, which cause banks a great deal of loss. Recovering loans is expensive because it involves legal procedures, lawyers, collection agencies, and etc. Most lenders try to avoid this type of problems by carefully selecting people they lend their money to. Fortunetely there are many lenders out there, our network being one of them, that specialize in bad credit loans.

Bad credit OK

If you’re a member of the military and need a personal loan but you’re worrying about your bad credit, you shall worry no more. As long as you haven’t run into troubles with online lenders in the past, you can apply for a loan and see what we can do for you.

Short application and quick approval

You can fill out a short application form (check the military serviceman box) and submit it to our network for fast processing. Most applications submitted to our network is immediately processed and approved. Once your application is apporved, you are contacted to discuss the terms and conditions of your loan.

Fast cash directly into your account

You will receive the funds by wire directly into your bank account (either savings or checking). At every point of the process you can change your mind and widraw your application with no penalities or fees. The entire application process for military personnel is free of charge. When you’re contacted by a representative of our network you may negotiate fees or the maturity term of a loan. You can extend the repayment up to 90 days.