Bad Credit Loans For Unemployed

You may think that unemployment may prevent you from getting financial services such as loan. This can’t be further from the truth. Unemployment in itself is bad but is not a problem as long as you receive benefits. If you receive any type of benefits, be it unemployment bendefits or ssi, you may qualify for a loan with online lenders, such as our network. You can apply for up to $1500 approved instantly. You must meet three basic criteria in order to qualify (must have an income, bank account and be of legal age).

Bad credit OK – no credit check

If you happen to have bad credit, which is a real plague nowadays, you may still qualify. Most online lenders don’t run a traditional credit check, which is a great news for all those who don’t enjoy the perfect credit record. Credit checks are a bit dangerous, which most people don’t realize. If a lender checks your credit score, this fact stays in your credit report. Too many checks in a short period spells trouble. Many lenders seeing a report with a great number of checks believe that you’re desperate to get a loan or loans. They may think that you have taken out some of these loans and are unable to pay them back or that you’r ein real financial troubles. They are inclined to deny your application based on what they see in your credit report. It’s always better to use services of lenders who don’t check your credit history. if you’re unemployed with bad credit record, it’s not a nice combination. Most lenders will not be enthusiastic about doing business with you. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get a loan however.

Fast and easy application – quick approval

You can fill out our short application form and see if you qualify. Many people with bad credit score who are unemployed but receive benefits  are approved for loans, even large loans, such as $1500.