Payday loan for 1 month

People looking for an online loan want two basic things – low fee / low interest loan and the speed on the part of the lender. They don’t want to overpay or wait for days on end for a lender to come up with a simple yes or no. APR or a flat fee is easy to negotiate. You can apply with a number of lenders and compare their offers. Once you have found the cheapest one, you want the loan now, and not in a few days.

1500 Online opens for you the door to an actual 1 month payday loan received within an hour of your application.  A large platform of lenders specialize in bad credit payday loans from $100 up to $1500. Payday loans have to be paid back within a month. The term of the loan varies. It mostly depends on the agreement between the borrower and the lender. In some cases the term can be extended to 90 days. They are short-term loans with the repayment period of up to 6 weeks. Most lenders want the borrower to repay the loan at their next payday. You can always negotiate with the lender all terms and conditions. After all,  the payday loan is based only on the promise that it will be repaid at the time specified in the agreement between the parties.

First-time borrower face certain limitations regarding the amount they can borrow. Lenders are usually hesitant about allowing the first-time borrower to borrow a larger amounts of money, like $1500. In most cases, the initial loan is capped at $400.

Application process involves a simplified application form that provides the lender with your basic personal information. The application is instantly processed after submission by a fast approval system. You should get your loan quickly (1 hour), provided that you are approved.

The application doesn’t cost a penny and you will never be charged for using informational services.